Sanitarium – Issue 27

  • Sanitarium – Issue 27

    English | 100 pages | True PDF | 16.1 MB

    Within Sanitarium (Horror Fiction and Dark Verse) Magazine Issue 27 you will find the horror fiction you’re deepest fears crave:

    Cedar Hollow Road by Eric Nelson Shellito
    The Siren by Michael Lindsay
    Black and White and Red All Over by Stephen Williams
    The Violent End of Fred Neveland by Aaron Martz
    She by James Park
    The Hangman by Niko Hart
    The Other by G. D. McFetridge
    Halloween – October 1979 by Lloyd A. Green
    There Lives a Man by Kyle Short
    The Inbetween by Colin Brooks
    Never Grow Up by James Michael Shoberg

    In addition to these fear inflicting horror short stories, you will also find out:

    News – We cover up and coming anthologies and collections awaiting your submissions
    See who’s riding high in the US and UK Kindle charts.
    We spend time in the Hope Spot with R. Donald James Gauvreau
    We spend a moment with The Wicked Library
    And we see “Where the Horror Happens” with Rich Hawkins.

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