Unity 5: 2D Pathfinding

  • Unity 5: 2D Pathfinding
    MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 32:17 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 92.2 MB

    Learn how to move characters and objects from point A to B with this introduction to pathfinding in Unity 5. This training focuses on pathfinding in the 2D world: programming simple ways to connect different locations in 2D games. Jesse Freeman starts by explaining the data structures (graphs and nodes) and the A* pathfinding algorithm: the technology that makes traversal of 2D games possible. Then he shows you how to connect paths in a 2D map, and find the fastest path between two points. You’ll also build a simple demo map to illustrate and test the pathfinding logic. Topics include:

    • What is A*?
    • Adding node classes and properties
    • Storing and indexing graph nodes
    • Building the search class
    • Traversing the nodes
    • Searching adjacent nodes
    • Testing the search
    • Building a test map
    • Creating and coloring a grid


    Download Unity 5: 2D Pathfinding


    Download Unity 5: 2D Pathfinding

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