Turn Right at the Fountain

  • Turn Right at the Fountain

    by george w. oakes
    English | EPUB | 14.8 MB

    Originally published in 1961 and written by George W. Oakes, chief travel writer for the New York Times, this beloved walking guide has sold more than 100,000 copies in several editions. Now completely revised and updated by Alexandra Chapman, this latest edition features intimate walks through twenty-one of Europe’s most celebrated cities, including an all-new chapter on Budapest, the Paris of the Danube. With this book as a guide, stroll through the winding cobblestone streets of Florence, gaze at the breath-takingly beautiful lawns of Cambridge, and explore the dark mysteries of Prague’s architectural gems.Each walk is comfortably planned to take no more than a leisurely morning or afternoon, highlighting the not-to-be-missed museums, churches, and monuments as well as less conspicuous but equally charming sites. These tours offer explicit directions keyed to thirty-two easy-to-follow maps, concise descriptions of sights along the routes, and brief historical notes about buildings and other places of interest. From Amsterdam to Segovia, these expertly designed walking tours unveil the immense cultural treasures that these magical cities hold-treasures best enjoyed on foot.


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    Download Turn Right at the Fountain

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