The Methods of Publishing

The Methods of Publishing By Samuel Squire Sprigge

2010 | 122 Pages | ISBN: 0511707258 | PDF | 2 MB

Samuel Squire Sprigge (1860-1937) was a qualified physician who worked for The Lancet from 1892 and was editor from 1909 until his death. He published several books including a history of the journal and its founder, and a volume of essays, Physic and Fiction. The Methods of Publishing first appeared in 1890 and is Sprigge’s passionate contribution to the late-nineteenth-century discussion on how the question of literary property is best resolved. Sprigge argues that this matter is often treated in a cavalier manner that disadvantages authors, particularly in the relationship between publisher and author. In his view, book prices are too low, copyright protection for authors is insufficient, the royalty system is in chaos, and authors do not obtain a fair share of profits. He proposes that literary property questions be treated with the same legal formality and protection as is found in other business dealings.


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Download The Methods of Publishing

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