The Bramble Bush: On Our Law and Its Study

The Bramble Bush: On Our Law and Its Study by Karl N. Llewellyn

English | July 31st, 2015 | ISBN: 1610271343 | 200 pages | EPUB | 0.30 MB

Written generations years ago, but highly relevant today, ‘The Bramble Bush’ remains one of the books most recommended for students to read when considering law school, just before beginning its study, or early in the first semester. Its first edition began as a collection from a series of introductory lectures given by legal legend Karl Llewellyn to new law students at Columbia University. It still speaks to law, legal reasoning, and exam-taking skills in a way that makes it a classic for each new generation. The current ebook is an updated, annotated, and modern edition with the new contributions of Stewart Macaulay, senior professor of law at the University of Wisconsin.

The Quid Pro Legal Legends Edition includes an extensive, modern Introduction by renowned law professor Stewart Macaulay. Macaulay updates the current reader on the book’s continued relevance and application, offers a practical perspective to new law students, and places the original edition in its historical context. Simply put, Macaulay writes, this “is a book that anyone interested in law schools or law should read.”The Quid Pro edition of the classic work also includes several unobtrusive annotations, to update the reader on legal terms and cultural references made in the original that may not be clear to today’s reader. Moreover, this is a carefully proofread and presented edition, lacking the errors and scanning mistakes of other presses’ editions in print. It is also available in paperback and clothbound formats from Quid Pro, including the annotations and modern introduction by Prof. Macaulay.


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Download The Bramble Bush: On Our Law and Its Study

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