Tables Expert B

Tables Expert B by Alison MacMahon

Gill Education | 2016 | English | ISBN: 0717169626 | True PDF | 112 pages | 42 MB

Tables Expert C is part of Gill Skills, a series of fun, skills-based activity books from Gill Education. We hope you enjoy learning from this series!

Tables Expert is a comprehensive programme covering all mathematical tables. It efFectively links tables to other strands and strand units of the maths curriculum and provides problem-solving activities to develop and consolidate mathematical skills and tables learning.

Tables Expert C covers multiplication and division and is colourful, enjoyable and packed full of engaging features:
• Weekly arrangement of work – tables are covered over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with revision on Thursday
• Weekly Friday assessment tests section
• Regular revision sections consolidate learning and assess understanding
• Revision assessments are provided at the end of each revision unit
• Progress charts assist proficiency monitoring.


Download Tables Expert B


Download Tables Expert B

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