Short Introduction to Accounting

  • Richard Barker, “Short Introduction to Accounting”

    2011 | pages: 172 | ISBN: 1107004403, 0521179475 | PDF | 0,6 mb

    An introduction to the fundamentals of accounting and how it is used that will help students apply accounting as a usable, everyday business tool. It adopts an intuitive, informal approach to describe basic principles – what they are, why they exist and how they are used – to help students see the connections between different parts of accounting and the rest of the business world. Written by an award-winning teacher and former management accountant, it encourages students to engage with the material by using questions and worked examples to test knowledge and understanding as they read. It includes a glossary of financial terms that is a useful guide to the language of business. Part of the Cambridge Short Introductions series of concise, authoritative guides to core subjects in business and management.

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