SharePoint 2013 Security for Users

  • SharePoint 2013 Security for Users
    MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 3:09:53 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 475.3 MB

    Balancing security and user satisfaction is hard. But with SharePoint’s built-in security features and customizable roles and permissions, you can give your users access to everything they need and restrict access to everything they don’t. Join Spike Xavier, as he shows how to use SharePoint’s security mechanisms to control and protect information from the site collection level on down. Plus, learn how to create custom roles, groups, and permission levels to cover what SharePoint doesn’t do straight out of the box. Spike will also cover how security impacts search functionality in SharePoint—specifically content revealed in Web Parts and views—and show how to document your SharePoint security strategy. Topics include:

    • Understanding authentication and authorization
    • Configuring groups and permission levels
    • Accessing the site, lists and libraries, and documents
    • Restricting access
    • Building custom security levels
    • Creating roles for site users and site publishers
    • Viewing group membership
    • Managing access requests
    • Showing and hiding content with audiences and views
    • Planning worksheets


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