Reminiscences of a Literary Life

Reminiscences of a Literary Life By Thomas Frognall Dibdin

2010 | 599 Pages | ISBN: 0511707339 | PDF | 10 MB

First published in 1836, this lively two-volume autobiography of Thomas Frognall Dibdin (1776-1847) reveals the background and mindset of this fascinating character. Best-known for helping to stimulate interest in bibliography and for his enthusiasm in promoting book collecting among the aristocracy, the English bibliographer adopts a conversational and anecdotal tone as he shares the details of his life and work with the reader. Volume 1 begins with the history of his parents, who died when Dibdin was very young. Dibdin then describes his formative years at school and college and the beginning of his professional life, including being ordained as a priest, before moving on to discuss his publications in some detail. Drawing upon letters and literature throughout, Dibdin recounts many entertaining tales, including an unfortunate encounter with a ‘savage-hearted critic’ at a dinner party, and introduces the influential characters he meets along the way.


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