Rabbi Isaac Luria: The Lion of the Kabbalah

Baal Kadmon, “Rabbi Isaac Luria: The Lion of the Kabbalah”

English | ISBN: 1544214340 | March 5, 2017 | EPUB | 74 pages | 561.59 KB

When one thinks of the Kabbalah, they often think of the 10 emanations of the Tree of Life. It is by far the most popular of the Kabbalistic symbols and rightfully so. It is also one of the most, how shall I say, comprehensible of the Kabbalistic principles. Of course, within it contains deep mysteries but if one were to attempt to describe its function, it can be done so with ease. This is the aspect of Kabbalah most people are exposed to. There is another deeper side of Kabbalah most people do not know of and that is the Kabbalistic system created by Rabbi Isaac Luria, the Ari as he is known most commonly as. ARI is an acronym standing for Elohee Rabbi Yitzchak, “the Godly Rabbi Isaac”; ARI is also the Hebrew word for “lion.” No teacher ever had this extra word Elohee attached to his name. This shows just how incredibly Godly he was. Some also say the Ari Stands for Ashkenazi Rabbi Isaac. Ashkenazi indicating that he is of European Descent on his fathers side. His work has influenced modern Kabbalistic scholarship to such an extent that the average reader would have no idea that these ideas were from this great Rabbi. In this book, I will discuss this great Rabbi and his work and how important he was to Jewish mysticism. In fact, without him, we wouldn’t have most of the Kabbalistic understanding we do now. EVERY SINGLE work on Kabbalah released to this day is influenced by his work. In this book, we will cover: My experience with Luria’s work and my visit to his tomb The History of the Kabbalah in Brief Luria in his early years and his holy energy The Atmosphere that cultivated his Kabbalistic powers His wide-ranging impact on Kabbalah and the Occult A synopsis of many of his known works And finally, Lurianic Kabbalistic Meditations you can do on your own. With that said, let us continue on.


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