A New History of the Sermon

Robert H. Ellison, Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen, “A New History of the Sermon”

English | 2010 | ISBN: 9004185720 | PDF | pages: 586 | 3,6 mb

The latest installment in Brills A New History of the Sermon series offers innovative studies of sacred rhetoric in the nineteenth century. The three sectionsTheory and Theology, Sermon and Society in the British Empire, and Sermon and Society in Americacontain a total of sixteen essays on such topics as biblical criticism, Charles Darwin, the Oxford Movement, the Womans Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), English Catholicism, sermon-novels, and the slave trade on both sides of the Atlantic. Multiple traditions are represented, including the Anglican and Presbyterian churches, English nonconformity, Judaism, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, making this a compilation that will appeal to a wide range of preachers, historians, literary scholars, and students of the rhetorical tradition.Contributors are Miriam Elizabeth Burstein, Thomas J. Carmody, Dawn Coleman, Robert H. Ellison, Joseph Evans, Keith A. Francis, Brian Jackson, Dorothy Lander, Thomas H. Olbricht, Carol Poster, Mirela Saim, Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen, Bob Tennant, David M. Timmerman, Tamara S. Wagner, and John Wolffe.

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