Low Earth Orbit Satellite Design

  • Low Earth Orbit Satellite Design By George Sebestyen
    English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 320 Pages | ISBN : 3319683144 | 38.58 MB

    In recent decades, the number of satellites being built and launched into Earth’s orbit has grown immensely, alongside the field of space engineering itself. This book offers an in-depth guide to engineers and professionals seeking to understand the technologies behind Low Earth Orbit satellites. With access to special spreadsheets that provide the key equations and relationships needed for mastering spacecraft design, this book gives the growing crop of space engineers and professionals the tools and resources they need to prepare their own LEO satellite designs, which is especially useful for designers of small satellites such as those launched by universities. Each chapter breaks down the various mathematics and principles underlying current spacecraft software and hardware designs.

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    Download Low Earth Orbit Satellite Design


    Download Low Earth Orbit Satellite Design

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