Literature Suppressed on Social Grounds (Banned Books)

Dawn B. Sova, “Literature Suppressed on Social Grounds (Banned Books)”

Facts on File | 2006-08-30 | ISBN: 0816062714 | 416 pages | PDF | 1 MB

The aim of this four-volume set is to spotlight some 400 works that have been censored, banned, or condemned because of their political, social, religious, or sexual content. The entries, which include a summary, censorship history, and brief bibliography, range widely from Aristotle through Galileo and on up to Adolf Hitler and Judy Blume. Such well-known prohibited works as de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom, the Communist Manifesto, and Huckleberry Finn are included here, but so are many other works that are now less controversial, e.g., Milton’s Areopagitica and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Some of the censorship histories are several pages long, but others are very short; Born on the Fourth of July gets only 50 words. Though most of the works are worth notice, too many describe fairly vapid objections: Fail-Safe was challenged by a school librarian who thought the book would undermine “America’s confidence in their defense system.

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