Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide

  • Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide by Harry K. McEvoy

    English | December 20, 2011 | ISBN: 0804810990 | 107 pages | MOBI | 2.01 MB

    Knife Throwing is the most authoritative guide on every aspect of the sport. From knives and knife throwing techniques to competition and advice, as well as profiles of pioneers and legends in the field, this book covers it all.” —Bobby Branton, President of American Knife Thrower’s Alliance (AKTA)

    Not only is knife throwing fun, but it is also a great sport, entertainment, recreation and exercise. It can be a wonderful hobby, pastime, or even a profession, and the fundamentals are easy to learn. Anyone who can throw a stick, stone, or baseball can also learn how to throw a knife with skill and accuracy. All you need is a good knife-designed for the purpose, whether made to throw by the handle or blade, a target, and a small portion of the backyard for the throwing range.

    Few sports can provide so much recreation at so little cost. Knife throwing is a sport in which individual skills can be developed to a very high degree. Expert knife throwing, like great proficiency in any other sport, is developed by natural aptitude and instinct combined with that one magic ingredient: practice!

    In Knife Throwing by American Knife Thrower’s Alliance founder, Harry McEvoy, demonstrates how to throw a knife successfully in chapters such as:

    • It’s Fun to Throw a Knife
    • Choice of Weapons
    • How to Throw a Knife
    • How to Develop “Pin-Point” Accuracy
    • How to Select a Throwing Knife
    • Targets: How and Where
    • Tomahawks and Bowies
    • Safety Measures, Rules, and Care of Knives
    • The Professionals
    • Hunting: A New Twist to an Old Sport
    • Tales, Legends and People


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    Download Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide

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