Jeff Porcaro Instructional Drums

  • Jeff Porcaro Instructional Drums
    English | mp4 | mp4 632×480 | AAc 2 ch | 30 min | pdf | 263 MB eLearning

    This is truly a unique opportunity to receive a private drum lesson from world-renowned musician Jeff Porcaro. In this exciting Hal Leonard video series, Jeff describes his approach to straight-time, triplet and shuffle feels, as well as Latin grooves. Jeff then breaks down a variety of drum patterns including his most famous groove from Toto’s mega-hit “Rosanna.”
    Filmed in a live band setting, featuring his brother Michael Porcaro on bass and studio musician, songwriter David Garfield on keyboards, you’ll experience an exciting atmosphere to help demonstrate Jeff’s famous grooves. Jam-packed with helpful suggestions on topics like half-time shuffles, bass drum pedal technique and a host of other personal tips, you’ll see how, by using different accents and timing techniques, you can achieve a wide variety of effects and feels on the hi-hat.


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