Integral Transforms and Their Applications

Integral Transforms and Their Applications by B. Davies

English | PDF | 1978 | 427 Pages | ISBN : 0387903135 | 18.86 MB

This book is intended to serve as introductory and reference material for the application of integral transforms to a range of common mathematical problems. It has its im­ mediate origin in lecture notes prepared for senior level courses at the Australian National University, although I owe a great deal to my colleague Barry Ninham, a matter to which I refer below. In preparing the notes for publication as a book, I have added a considerable amount of material ad- tional to the lecture notes, with the intention of making the book more useful, particularly to the graduate student – volved in the solution of mathematical problems in the physi­ cal, chemical, engineering and related sciences.
Any book is necessarily a statement of the author’s viewpoint, and involves a number of compromises. My prime consideration has been to produce a work whose scope is selective rather than encyclopedic; consequently there are many facets of the subject which have been omitted–in not a few cases after a preliminary draft was written–because I v believe that their inclusion would make the book too long.

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Download Integral Transforms and Their Applications


Download Integral Transforms and Their Applications

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