Gateway Level 5, Student’s Book (KSA Edition)

Gateway Level 5, Student’s Book (KSA Edition) by Jeanette Greenwell, Stephen Lawrence

Garnet Publishing | 2017 | English | ISBN: 1782604898 | True PDF | 128 pages | 87 MB

Gateway is an engaging, comprehensive seven-level series for children between the ages of five and twelve. It has a clear functional and grammatical syllabus that provides students with a framework within which to learn real-world English. Its gradual progression, starting with a systematic program of handwriting, phonics and whole-word recognition, enables students to build confidence in the four language skills and fosters thinking and reflection. Units are centred round topics that aim to create a context for learning, with each unit progressing from receptive skills (listening and reading) to productive skills (speaking and writing). Each unit ends with a progress assessment (“I can …”) activity that encourages children to consider their own achievements. The course provides plenty of communicative speaking activities that give opportunities to repeat language, practice pronunciation and develop fluency in a meaningful context. The materials can also be used to initiate citizenship discussions.

Key features:
• Lively, student-centered activities
• Puzzles and games
• Chants and rhymes
• Functional grammar practice
• Texts relevant to the students’ lives
• Age-appropriate writing activities


Download Gateway Level 5, Student’s Book (KSA Edition)


Download Gateway Level 5, Student’s Book (KSA Edition)

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