Everyday economics: honest answers to tough questions

From how the current crisis happened to the role of banks to how money works, this book addresses complex ideas in an easy to understand Q&A format with lively prose. With examples throughout from personal finance issues such as how to negotiate the best price for a car, and should you buy a warranty for a new computer, to big picture questions that affect our national and global economy such as: What is deflation and inflation? How does monetary policy really work? How does a corporation actually go bankrupt?

“Everyone can benefit from reading Everyday Economics. Officer’s practical advice based on classical economics will have you thinking twice about decisions you took for granted in the past. From personal finance to globalization, Everyday Economics will help you to put your decisions within a logical framework designed to improve outcomes.”—Norman Obst, Professor of Economics, Michigan State University

“No dry technical jargon here, just how business and the world work in laymen’s terms. It’s like talking with your favorite uncle, except this uncle understands economics. Economic reasoning is an important life skill, and this book has a lot of practical advice.”—Helen Roberts, Clinical Associate Professor and Associate Director, Center for Economic Education, University of Illinois at Chicago

Download Everyday economics: honest answers to tough questions

Download Everyday economics: honest answers to tough questions

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