Dogs Say the Darndest Things

  • Maia Kincaid, “Dogs Say the Darndest Things: Are You Listening?: An Animal Communicator’s Dialogs with Dogs”

    English | ISBN: 0982214030 | January 14, 2010 | EPUB | 238 pages | 3 MB

    Have you ever wondered what a dog might say to humans if we were to listen? When I began my career as an Animal Communication Specialist in 1997, I imagined dogs would want to talk about their food and activities, but I soon found out what they really wanted was to assist people in knowing our true selves and our purpose in being. In my daily communications with dogs, I began to experience one profound and enlightening conversation after another and I knew that one day I must share them with my fellow humans. The time has come! Join me now in discovering answers to questions in life you may never have thought to ask and what you may never have dreamed you would hear from a dog! As you experience these dialogs with dogs, you will receive insight into your own life as well as guidance from them on how to enhance your own natural way of listening. You too, can hear your dog and I heartily encourage you to listen!


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