The 30 Day Yoga Diet Challenge

The 30 Day Yoga Diet Challenge by John Randall

English | 2014 | ASIN: B00OO3VEDQ | 107 pages | EPUB | 1 MB

Take this 30-Day Yoga Diet Challenge and get an overall body workout, which will make you get in shape, look great and feel healthier than ever. This 106 page book is packed with tons of pictures to accurately show you each Yoga pose.

Cold weather, a hectic work schedule or even boredom with your workout routine can throw you off your fitness and health goals. Don’t cave into your excuses. Instead, stick to your goals with this 30-day Yoga Diet Challenge. The best part; you don’t need to be super-fit or belong to a yoga studio to commit to this challenge.

The 30-Day Yoga Challenge is designed to work every muscle group in your body—every day. The structure of this challenge gives you the opportunity to improve your fitness, flexibility and reshape your body while helping to relieve stress and learning more about your body.
So how does the 30-Day Yoga Diet Challenge work? Each day you have a different challenge. Whether you’re new or skilled at yoga, each mini-challenge is tiered to challenge you. The goal is to get you stronger, more flexible, fitter, and healthier in a month—without getting bored.

Some of the chapters that will be covered in this book are:

• Intro to Yoga
• Yoga Principles
• Benefits of Yoga
• Guidelines for Beginners
• Relaxing Techniques
• Yoga Exercises
• Yoga Poses
• Healthier Life Style tips
• And much much more!

So what are you waiting for? You are just a few clicks away from a fitter, stronger and healthier you.

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