Data Analytics and Computer Hacking & Mobile Hacking 3 Bundle Manuscript

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  • Data Analytics and Computer Hacking & Mobile Hacking 3 Bundle Manuscript: Beginners Guide to Learn Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Data … Hacking (Hacking Freedom and Data Driven) by Isaac D. Cody

    English | 27 Dec. 2016 | ISBN: 1541333306 | 262 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 4.73 MB

    This is a 3 book bundle related to data analytics and hacking computers and hacking mobile devices, apps, and game consoles!

    What’s included in this 3 book bundle manuscript:

    Data Analytics: Practical Data Analysis and Statistical Guide to Transform and Evolve Any Business, Leveraging the power of Data Analytics, Data Science, and Predictive Analytics for Beginners

    Hacking University: Freshman Edition Essential Beginner’s Guide on How to Become an Amateur Hacker (Hacking, How to Hack, Hacking for Beginners, Computer Hacking)

    Hacking University: Sophomore Edition. Essential Guide to Take Your Hacking Skills to the Next Level. Hacking Mobile Devices, Tablets, Game Consoles, and Apps

    In Data Analytics, you will learn:

    Why your business should be using data analytics

    Issues with using big data

    Effective data management

    Examples of data management in the real-world

    The different kinds of data analytics and their definitions

    How data management, data mining, data integration and data warehousing work together

    A step-by-step guide for conducting data analysis for your business

    An organizational guide to data analytics

    Tools for data visualization (with hyperlinks)

    In Hacking University Freshman Edition, you will learn:

    The rich history behind hacking

    Modern security and its place in the business world

    Common terminology and technical jargon in security

    How to program a fork bomb

    How to crack a Wi-Fi password

    Methods for protecting and concealing yourself as a hacker

    How to prevent counter-hacks and deter government surveillance

    The different types of malware and what they do

    Various types of hacking attacks and how perform or protect yourself from them

    And much more!

    In Hacking University Sophomore Edition you will learn:

    The history and security flaws of mobile hacking

    Unlocking your device from your carrier and various methods of securing mobile and tablet devices

    Modding, Jailbreaking, and Rooting

    How to unlock android and I-phone devices

    Modding video game consoles such as Xbox and Playstation

    What to do with a Bricked device

    PC Emulators

    And much more!

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