Business Beyond Design

Business Beyond Design:

A new model to Think Strategically, Foster Creativity and Transform Businesses (Timeless)
by Gianluca Cinquepalmi

English | 2017 | ISBN: 9881285003 | 156 Pages | EPUB | 1.67 MB

“This book is a thoughtful and practical guide on how to design for experience. A must-read for anyone curious about how to create something that truly delights!”Liam Gilligan — Head of eXellerator Lab at Standard Chartered Bank“Gianluca’s book inspires the readers with his Business Design framework that places design and business on equal footing. In the complicated world, we live today where business searches for purpose, consumers yearn for experience, and creators strive for excellence, this is an essential read.”Michael Tam — Chief Creative Catalyst at IBM iX”Thoughtful and necessary, Business Beyond Design is an inspiring book for all of those looking for new approaches on the realm of Business and Design. It’s cleverly written and introduces a fresh model to help evaluate and measure relevant brands and business.”Carla Almeida — Design Director at Prophet”Inspiring yet practical; a holistic framework that gives you insights of how to design and build a sustainable brand, product or life.”Klas Hesselman — Innovation & Design at Visa About the Book: Business Beyond Design was born from the desire to share a different point of view, to illustrate a road map and to trigger the thinking process towards the creation of valuable, sustainable and innovative design businesses. Good design might boost sales, but Business Design builds culture, and that is what Business Beyond Design is about: creating, preserving, and innovating businesses through design. Historically a business is IMPLEMENTED not really DESIGNED. The main difference from something that is implemented vs. something that is designed is the outcome. When something is implemented the outcome is known. When something is designed the outcome is unknown, and the design process leads you to the solution. In the modern world, most of the outcomes are unknown, so the logical way (would dare to say the only way) is to design our way towards that unknown. “Business Is implemented; Design is Discovered”This book records the journey of how the author researched and developed a new Business Design framework. Covering topics like— Distinguish between image and identity, The Beauty of Sustainable Failure, The Dark Side of Design, this book will act as an invaluable resource for designers, creatives and entrepreneurs alike. With practical tools and a hands-on approach, the author offers a fresh new look at how to Think Strategically, Foster Creativity and Transform Businesses.


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Download Business Beyond Design

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