Blessed Giles of Assisi

Blessed Giles of Assisi By Walter W. Seton

2010 | 105 Pages | ISBN: 0511706049 | PDF | 2 MB

One of the original disciples of Saint Francis, Blessed Giles of Assisi preached a message of poverty and penance throughout Italy, the Holy Land, and North Africa before turning to a life of contemplation. His Life, here edited and translated by Walter Seton, offers valuable perspectives on this devout man, who strove not just to follow but to embody the Franciscan Rule. Seton analyses the sources for the short and long versions of the Life, arguing influentially that the Short Life represents the earlier, more authentic recension. His 1918 edition was based upon a previously unnoticed version of the Short Life contained in Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Canonici Misc. 528. Facing-page Latin and English make the text accessible to students and experts alike. A vital addition to Franciscan studies when first published, this important work is now available to a new generation of scholars.


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Download Blessed Giles of Assisi

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