An Introduction to Food Grade Nanoemulsions

  • An Introduction to Food Grade Nanoemulsions
    by Nandita Dasgupta and Shivendu Ranjan English | 2018 | ISBN: 9811069859 | 196 Pages | PDF | 3.7 MB

    This book provides authentic and comprehensive information on the concepts, methods, functional details and applications of nano-emulsions. Following an introduction to the applications of nanotechnology in the development of foods, it elaborates on food-grade nano-emulsion and their significance, discusses various techniques and methods for producing food-grade nano-emulsion, and reviews the main ingredient and component of food-grade nano-emulsions.
    Further, the book includes a critical review of the engineering aspect of fabricating food-grade nano-emulsions and describe recently developed vitamin encapsulated nano-systems. In closing, it discuss the challenges and opportunities of characterizing nano-emulsified systems, the market risks and opportunities of nano-emulsified foods, and packaging techniques and safety issues – including risk identification and risk management – for nano-foods.
    The book offers a unique guide for scientists and researchers working in this field. It will also help researchers, policymakers, industry personnel, journalists and the general public to understand food nanotechnology in great detail.


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    Download An Introduction to Food Grade Nanoemulsions

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