American Artists On Art: From 1940 To 1980

  • Ellen H. Johnson, “American Artists On Art: From 1940 To 1980”

    1982 | ISBN-10: 0064301125 | 292 pages | PDF | 39 MB

    From the Preface:The fact that so much of modern art has devoted itself to the exploration and assertion of its own identity is reflected in, but does not explain, the increasing amount of writing and talking on the part of contemporary artists. Rather, the whole history of the changing role of art and artists in a democratic, industrial, and technological society stands behind the spate of artists words and the publics hunger for themeven some of the general public out there beyond arts little circle. Statements by artists appeal somewhat the way drawings do: they bring us, or at least they hold the promise of bringing us, closer to the artists thoughts and feelings and to an understanding of his or her modus operandi; they hold the keys to a mysterious realm. And sometimes they offer us the sheer pleasure of good reading. Such is the primary raison dtre of this book. Its other motivation is educational, and stems from the frustrating lack, in teaching contemporary art, of any single compilation of statements by American artists from 1940 to the present. This anthology differs in several respects from those others that do include documents of American art since 1940.


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    Download American Artists On Art: From 1940 To 1980

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